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Advantage of Using "Splunk Light" for the Splunkers in the Organization

Advantage of Using "Splunk Light" for the Splunkers in the Organization

We have been using SPLUNK Enterprise version for quite a long time
and we know the real power of it giving Big Data Solutions.

Splunk Enterprise version is used in a very large scale industry,
but what if there is a budget constraint for any industry OR
a small scale industry could not afford the License but still 
they want to avail such a beautiful features of SPLUNK for 
Log Analysis and other stuff.

YES, you are right , Now we have to think of something which can
reduce the problem of Small Scale Industry and that's why 
the "SPLUNK LIGHT" was born !!

Definition :

Splunk Light is a comprehensive solution for small IT environments that automates log search and analysis. It speeds tactical troubleshooting by gathering real-time log data from your distributed applications and infrastructure in one place to enable powerful searches, dynamic dashboards and alerts, and reporting for real-time analysis—all at an attractive price that will fit your budget.

Splunk Light gives you the ability to pro-actively analyze problems and take immediate action without having to manually gather, organize and sift through gigabytes of log data.

Advantages :

1. A comprehensive product for log search and analysis
   built on Splunk’s proven technology

2. Search, Report and Alert on all your log data in 
   Real Time from one place

3. Designed for small IT environments with free download, 
   easy set up and rapid data on-boarding

4. Online purchase starting at $75 per month (Billed Annually)

5. Easily upgrade-in-place to the Full Splunk Enterprise

Why Splunk Light ?

1. Easy to Buy, Deploy and Use :

         Buy online, install and start using in
         just 10 minutes without any system configuration.

2. Full-Featured Log Search and Analysis :

         Everything you need to troubleshoot and secure 
         your IT environment. Includes collection
         indexing, monitoring, reporting and alerting.

3. Priced & Packaged for Small IT Environments :

         Easy download optimized for use on a single server.
         Starts free up to 500MB/day and affordably 
         priced as you grow. 

4.   Built on Proven Splunk Technology :

         Leverage powerful Splunk technology with
         universal collection and indexing from any
         log format and real-time search. 

5. Integrated Monitoring and Alerting :

         Alerts can automatically trigger actions 
         to send automated emails, execute remediation scripts,
         or post to RSS feeds.

 Splunk Light VS Splunk Enterprise Comparison

 Hope you have got an Idea about the SPLUNK LIGHT , its uses,
 its advantages of being used by the Industry very rapidly
 and Advantage of Using "Splunk Light" for the Splunkers 
 in the Organization

Happy Splunking !!


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